Lost Sales?

Right Prospect believe that lost sales leads are a gold mine. We have a proven track record of raising the dead or so called dead. Sales people usually do not follow up on lost sales or unqualified prospects which is understandable as they want to get to the next sale. Its all about the numbers we are sure you have heard in the past.
Right Prospect can help businesses regain and retain clients. Things change all the time and so does your prospective clients circumstances and mind. There are many reasons for a lost sale: bad sales person, clash of personalities, unqualified for finance and many more. Whatever the reason Right Prospect will contact these lost sale leads and try to bring life back to the deal. No lost sale has a do not resuscitate sign on it so why not?
There are no guarantees but it is worth rolling the dice as your prospects circumstances may have changed. B2B clients it could be that the buyer at the time had no budget or that it just did not make sense to that person, but we all know that people change jobs and it could be that their is a new sheriff in town who is willing to listen.
Right Prospect will report all of this information back to you and or set up a meeting there and then, its your choice how you want to handle it. 
One of our clients is a very large online voucher, incentives and rewards program retailer and Right Prospect has for the last two years managed past and lapsed clients.
In a nut shell we were given a list of clients that had not done any business with this company for the past three years, approximately 2400 lapsed clients. Right Prospect alone revived 384 (16%) of these clients that over the Christmas period spent in the region of 3.75 Million Pounds. All of these clients were businesses that just needed a nudge and Right Prospect are proud to say that we gave them one.
Now this is business that is just sat there waiting to be sold. People do forget things and Right Prospect are great at reminding them. A lot of these clients were up sold as well, as new products had come into place since they last spoke to our client they just did not know about them. Again its just a case of informing and asking.
So why wait? Right Prospect are here to contact your past and present clients and the ones that are not clients yet. For a quote just Ring The Orange Phone or click here.
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