Active Data Cleansing

Active Data Cleansing

 Right Prospects Telemarketing agents can cleanse your data as they are actively dealing with your prospects by asking the right questions regarding the information supplied and keeping your data up to date with fresh intelligence.   

 We offer the following Data Cleansing services:
  • Data Cleansing – address enhancement to correct invalid or mis-spelt addresses and postcodes
  • Gone away Suppression – identify people who have moved house
  • Deceased Suppression – avoid causing distress by cleansing your data to identifying & remove deceased customers
  • Telephone Numbering – enhance and cleanse your data with additional telephone numbers
  • Duplication – prevent wastage by removing duplicate entries for the same person or household
  • Email Validation – ensure your email addresses are valid
  • Email Appending – add email addresses for business contacts and consumers
  • Unusable Records – check your database for salacious or unusable records
  • Country Detection – identify foreign records and add the correct country information
  • Telephone validation to data cleanse bespoke information

Cleaning your data helps you stay compliant with the Data Protection Act by ensuring that the data you hold is current and accurate.

The data any company holds on its customers is vital to the business, enabling it to provide excellent customer service, support future marketing efforts and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

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