Lead Generation

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The first and most obvious benefit of using Right Prospect for your lead generation is the increase in sales. Identifying and understanding when potential clients are ready to make buying decisions is a vital aspect of any telemarketing campaign. If your business can make contact with a client at the beginning of their sales cycle you will have a much better chance of increasing your conversion rates and reducing the amount of time you waste on chasing clients that have no intention of changing suppliers. You can capitalise on your telemarketing by generating an effective pipeline strategy that will give you a smarter solution for your lead generation needs.

Right Prospect also provide two other distinct advantages; less marketing waste and improved sales forecasting. Less marketing waste stems from using intelligent and well-planned campaign strategies; get the right message to the right prospect at the right time then follow it up with a hard hitting sales call to drive the message home.

Improved sales forecasting is an imperative element of a telephone based-lead generation campaign regardless of whether your business sells aeronautical components in Europe or provides utility services to large offices in London. If you have poor information in your sales pipeline the end result will reflect this thus reducing your revenue and return on investment. If you have accurate projections and targets throughout the process of a campaign, which accurately reflect the various stages of the sales cycle, you will gain the additional benefit of being able to factor in future growth investment.

Whatever you do, you need to work out a strategy that will ensure a steady flow of quality new business leads are heading in the direction of your business every day.

Generating Prospects

We provide significant return on investment by supplying our clients with a steady stream of high quality opportunities. We can feed your sales team with pre-qualified leads that are highly likely to turn into successful conversions.

In order to generate sales leads successfully, Right Prospect takes an unscripted yet professional approach to calling your data to source potential prospects.

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Our team of outbound telemarketers has been trained to the highest of standards but they all have a natural flair for marketing and this is just as important as training and experience. Someone who is naturally gifted in the sales field will find no problems adapting to any project regardless of the product or service they are required to prospect for.

Right Prospect will actively manage your campaign continuously so all you have to worry about is finding time to convert all the top-quality leads we provide you with.

Our lead generation services provides:

Higher quality leads

  • A proper conversation means we can ask all the right questions, get to know the recipient and properly qualify leads
  • Higher conversion rates
    • A telephone conversation gives a clearer understanding of your prospect. They gain a stronger connection to your business and are more likely to buy
  • Direct contact with the decision maker
    • Our experienced telesales team know how to get to the decision maker. They will politely persevere until they get past the gatekeeper and speak to the right person
  • Data cleansing
    • Telephone lead generation provides the perfect opportunity to combine sales with updating and cleansing your data for the success of future lead generation.

After designing a campaign that we believe will work for you, Right Prospect will provide daily, weekly or monthly reporting (including all call recordings) so that you can evaluate the project for yourself. We will take your feedback into account and work together to drive continual improvement and make sure you are getting the most out of your telemarketing experience.

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