With a growing demand for multi-lingual calling in order to explore export market opportunities, conduct investigative research or lead generation to overseas companies, Right Prospect have developed our capability by using native speakers that have vast experience in the campaigns that are given to them and also have perfect English as a second language . This provides the accuracy in dialect, culture and work delivered in the same timezones to maximise the detail of information captured that is vital to the success of any international project.

We strongly believe that when covering a programme into a specific country, the use of native language speakers has a major effect on how our clients are perceived and assessed by the contacted prospects.Sales agent2

Cultural differences mean that acceptance at call reception within companies throughout the world demands that this procedure is often the only method of successfully gathering information.

While we run the majority of our campaigns from the UK, we do have an operational facility in Central Europe from where European languages and beyond can be fulfilled.

Euro Office 2

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