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Right Prospect are different to other appointment setting agencies. We’re not a call centre with stilted telemarketing scripts. Our team engage in conversations and deliver quality over quantity to undertake the appointment setting that our clients need to grow their business. We back that up with high quality reporting and KPI’s from our powerful CRM system alongside regular feedback.

Appointment Setting Services

Appointment Setting can be used for a variety of activities to boost your sales and lead generation activity:
  • Appointment setting for face to face meetings
  • Telephone appointments or conference calls
  • To set up online demos or webinars
  • Seminar booking, workshops, conference attendance or for other events
  • Following up leads and maximizing the value from exhibitions
  • To identify opportunities for quotations and tenders
  • To follow-up a direct mail campaign or email blast
  • Up-sell or cross-sell activity into your current customer base
  • Contacting lapsed customers with a new offer to regenerate interest
  • Membership or subscription renewals

Whatever you want to use appointment setting services for, the key to a successful campaign is to ensure it is well planned and executed. That means making sure you start with a good target list and a compelling proposition. Before any appointment setting campaign kicks off, we work with clients to ensure that all of the elements are in place to give the best chance of success.

Effective and professional telemarketing is becoming an increasingly popular tool in every marketing department.
Building strong and solid relationships with clients from the outset is a vital part of customer retention and expansion.

You don’t just need to find new business; you need to keep your existing client base happy too.
Setting appointments is a time consuming and laborious task that requires patience, organisation and diligence.
If you would like to concentrate on keeping your existing customers satisfied, leave the proactive side of your marketing in the capable hands of the team at Right Prospect.

Cold calling is second nature to our experienced team who are all experts in:

• Getting past the gate keeper and ‘no name’ policy
• Politely persevering until they speak to the decision maker
• Asking questions to understand the current buying situation
• Delivering a benefits driven presentation that draws in the recipient
• Identifying and maximising on opportunities
• Dealing with objections and counter arguments
• Closing for a quality appointment


Before we begin your telesales campaign we will:
• Work with you to develop a compelling and benefit lead sales story
• Ensure we are fully prepared for counter arguments
• Gather comprehensive details about your business, its service/products and procurement process
• Define the type of appointment you are looking for from each call

• You might want appointments with only those people looking to buy or be happy for us to make relationship building appointments, regardless of buying position

• Profile your target market and if required provide high quality data
• Work with you to develop a promotional email to back up the campaign, drive traffic to your site and make a significant difference to your results.

You can rely on us to represent your business in a professional manner and deliver quality appointments for maximum return on your investment.

Why suffer the pain of cold calling when you can hand over this vital element of the sales process to trained professionals who will make every call count.

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Planning and consistency is the key.

Right Prospect will investigate the market area in which you want to expand, qualify relevant and top-quality data, build up a strong pipeline of prospective clients and, most importantly, maintain that pipeline to ensure a steady flow of new business heads your way.

We do not operate like a standard call centre – we run unique and bespoke campaigns that are tailored to our clients’ needs and verticals.

Throw away the script.

Say goodbye to stilted pre-planned conversations and increase your chance of developing new opportunities within your target market.With our expert knowledge we can generate meetings for your sales team with key decision makers that have shown a qualified interest in your products or services.

We will put your sales team in front of the right person at the right time with the right information at the right place with the Right Prospect.


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Our client experience is wide and varied thanks to the expertise of our telemarketing professionals that have worked in many very different business environments. Use Right Prospect as a natural extension to your business. If you would like to outsource your appointment generation please give us a call .

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