B2B Telemarketing,Telesales & Lead Generation

 Right Prospect Ltd has over nineteen years experience in the B2B Telemarketing industry. We have seen many changes during that period but service companies still need telemarketing and telesales companies that can form the basis of marketing campaigns that generate new leads from a targeted new customer base.  

“Someone once famously said that “nothing happens until somebody sells something.”

If you want to sell a product or service you need leads, appointments and personal introductions from telemarketing, which is time consuming for many businesses, and sometimes not among the tasks that they most look forward to. This is where we can help, because not only do we enjoy telemarketing, we are also good at it.

We concentrate solely on B2B marketing and hand pick the very best Telesales agents for your campaign. we can also include database updating, lead generation, appointment setting and event booking and confirmation as well as telesales.

Our services cover a wide range of B2B telemarketing services for our many clients who include IT companies, finance companies, insurance brokers, IFAs, security providers, software developers, computer maintainers, printers, website designers, councils, contract cleaners, debt collectors, accountants and many more. 
We understand the current business climate and can work with many different budget types so we can tailor your campaign to your needs.


Our telemarketing clients and their prospects are based throughout the UK but we also specialise in international B2B Telesales as we have a pool of very experienced Telesales agents that are native in another language and are fluent English speakers also.

We are proud 2


Our staff, according to our clients “are professional and persistent”. These are exactly the right characteristics you need for a Telemarketing company to achieve the best results.  Our staff spend no more than four to five hours a day on your campaign so they are always fresh headed and can concentrate on delivering you the best results.

As a B2B Telemarketing provider Right Prospect, have the experience and expertise needed to hit targets, making sales appointments or acting as a lead generation company, ensuring we maximise our customers’ sales growth. Our style is to use a common sense approach, to know when to push forward or when to take a step back in the Telesales process, making sure our customers’ brand retains its integrity.

“In my experience it is a rare thing indeed to have a prospect tell me that my telemarketer is an asset to my business and that the only reason they agreed to see me was because there was something in her voice, and in the questions that she asked, that made them believe that we actually cared. I have nothing but praise for both the quantity and quality of leads generated for me by Tyna – she really does deliver what she claims to.” Mark Cadbury- Action Coaching.

Business-to-business telemarketing companies have survived every technology that’s come along in recent years. Even with the development of the Web, email and now Web marketing tools, the telephone still remains a crucial piece of a Lead Generation or Appointment Setting strategy.

Telemarketing can be tightly targeted, organised and deployed rapidly. It can also be instantly evaluated. Most importantly it is effective and very cost efficient compared to many other marketing methods.

We understand the current business climate and can work with many different budget types so we can tailor your campaign to your needs. So please do not hesitate to give us a call to find out what Right Prospect can do for you.


All of Right Prospects calls are recorded and time tracked and our clients can have access to these records. All of Right Prospects calls are permission based. Right Prospects clients have access to our CRM through our Client Login so that they can  see in real time work being carried out.

Right Prospect Ltd is able to offer call recording of all calls made on your behalf. We are able to offer complete transparency of how we operate.
Calls are recorded and stored for each client. Calls that culminate in an appointment can be emailed over to the client in the form of a Wav or WMA file along with the usual report and call history.

The client or sales consultant can get more of a feel for the appointment before visiting the prospect. It also allows the client to ensure they are happy with how their company is being represented and that we have a full understanding of the product or service we are calling about. Right Prospect Ltd adheres to a strict privacy policy.

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